Session One


Bedford, three rivers converge, big city grew around it. [pop 3or4k]

Chorvas’ house tossed, Roderick Nerro (h-elf) concerned. Gathers multi-talented group to investigate.
Nerro’s house full of art/‘art’: amazingly detailed sculpture of nude male human made of pasta, etc
Nerro comes with party

Tossed house, lots of blank books/papers, scrap of paper with phrase in goblin
Water sausages in vases, grow along rivers/creeks
Quartz on shelf, pretty but not valuable (cave)
[Smut & textbooks. Second occupant?]

Head south. Fish caravan with unconscious merchant. one wheel broken, three missing.
[Five, not three] dead guards, one w/ throat slit, some bits less colorful, like hit with bleach / desaturated.
Masked figure walked past, shouts from guards behind, wheel broken/thrown from cart.

[Impression of symbol on barrel with missing emblem]

Creek leads down into cave (muddy section P15: lots of goblin-sized tracks, two hours)

Goblin defenses look battered, already taken heavy casualties, sentry shouts alarm, they attack.
After taking casualties, leader orders to stand down. Mooks seem unsure.
“We’ve already been crushed. You don’t seem intent on killing us, just defending yourselves.”
“We were here because of the mage. But he’s dead. We failed. We failed him.”
“Guy has to get through these houses everyday to get to his lab and you think we killed him? No.”
“There was a masked figure. He raised a hand and the shadows themselves attacked us.” I20
“May we go? Grab your things and lets go. I never want to see this place again.”
Goblins full of anger, look like they’d rather just attack, but follow orders.

Bleckitt, Worship Daithe. When mage came (four winters ago) [check recording to see if I said three or four winters], D told Hyup to let him build lab in cave, protect. Goblins you let go killed us all. Survived because was hiding when attack happened.

Dead elf (six hours) Throat slit, back of robes look bleached. Science and alchemy testing stuff, but no papers, no projects, nothing to indicate what he was working on.

Nerro asks the party to bring the corpse.

Masked figure (plague doctor)


Session One

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